Friday, March 27, 2009

Extreme is dead

They're all gone, except for Plake. Another sad day in the action sports world yesterday. These lame news reports are starting to pile up. Skiing legend Shane McConkey's parachute didn't open in Italy yesterday. He really needed it to open, too. If you live in Kentucky and have never heard of him, he's one of the few dudes that the word EXTREME was designed for. One of the nicest guys around, he leaves a wife and daughter. I hate the word extreme, but it fits him perfectly. Gnarly motherfuckin skier turned B.A.S.E jumper turned SkiBase jumping guy. Basically that was ski sick lines that end at off and work a few twisty things in the air...then deploy chute or wingsuit and fly around. I dunno. It seems like a lot of the action sports legends are dieing more often. Maybe I'm just noticing it more and paying more attention to mortality the older I get. Even the Natasha Richardson deal gave me a chill. I'm sure I've smacked my head shreddin dozens of times way hard than her and NEVER seen a doc. My cure was booze and smokes and I'm still above ground. She has more money on her finger than I'll make my entire life, yet it couldn't help her. Just seems like a ton of losses. So there you you go. Happy friday. Live a great life. Shred the gnar this weekend.

Craig Kelly 2003
Jeff Anderson 2003(died from drunken falling, not shredding, but still lame)
Malik Joyeux 2005
Doug Coombs 2006
Billy poole 2008
Jeremy Lusk 2009

Shane McConkey 2009

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.


  1. Travis Pastrana's next. Homeys got a death wish.

  2. Ya think? That dude doesn't understand the danger he puts himself in constantly. The odds are stacked against him.

  3. Triston Pichot died same time as Craig too. He was a rising NW/Drake/Rossi kid.