Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Florida kicks ass...if you're a retard. Check out this Latricia broad that calls up 911 because there's an emergency at her McDonald's. I'm sure my buddy Bill Dough can relate to this crisis. If In-N-Out ever ran outta his pecious double-doubles dude would go fucking Chuck Norris on shit. Arms would get ripped off and cities would burn.

"she cain't force me to eat somethin that I don't want"...Latricia Goodma


  1. I've never been to Florida. But I have heard from many people that it sucks balls on numerous levels. Humidity. People. Surf. Etc.

  2. It totally sucks balls, never seen so many rocker readnecks in my life. The scenery on south beach is pretty good though. ANd if you like to fish key west is aight, but all in all one of my least favorite spots.

  3. Didn't Bundy do some of his best work there? Coarse...same can be said for Wash.
    Latricia's kinda hot though.