Saturday, March 7, 2009

Team Phenix

Since we haven't ben getting waves again, I've been organizing my crap at my new house. Downsizing as much as possible and getting rid of lots of stuff. I found another box of pics the other day. I found this one from a 2 week road trip with some bros in 1997. We left Idaho and went north through Montana to Fernie British Columbia. It was fucking rad. The mountain is set up like a king's crown. The top 1000 feet are all bowls lined up right next to each other. And in between lots of the bowls are ridglines that have easy hikes to inbound chutes. Very rippable and super fun. Usually when you reached a chute it was still untracked even at the end of the day. We had to wait for one to open so the ski patrol could blast it with a Howitzer. I was the first one to enter after the blast. It was an air drop into a couple big open turns before a sharp left where it opened up to a steep bowl under the cliff band filled hip deep pow. Lots of cliff drops and open bowls and not many peeps. The town was kinda boring and I wasn't hitting the sauce at the time so no good stories about falling down. We spent a week here before we moved on to Kimberly Resort. It fucking sucked dong. That is one boring ass mountain. We had a friend who was runnning the ski school, so we said hi and goodbye. We packed up and moved a couple hundred kilometers down the road to Red Mountain. It's built next to a killer little old mining town tucked onto a hillside. Really good times here. The mountain is really fun, but I don't remember anything super gnar. We spent a lot of time on one run in particular. It was right under the chairlift. It's not often that I spend all day on one run, but man this one was awesome. It was littered with ton of natural rollers, banks, and pops. I got all Occy on that shit. On the second to last day we shredded then skipped town in the late afternoon. We made it to Missoula for that night and found a shitbox motel. In the morning we beelined for Lost trail Ski Area on the Idaho-Montana border. It's the most mom and pop place I've ever seen. I think it was $10 a day. We geared up and made that little hill our bitch for a few hours. It was bluebird and about a foot of fresh pow. It was just what we needed to stretch the legs for the push back to Sun Valley. Classic crew, great road trip with no carnage.

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