Saturday, August 15, 2009

#2 is in the bag

Shredstick #2 is shaped, glassed, waxed up, and ready to rip whenever we get some waves. Come on you El Nino son of a bitch. Stats are roughly 6'4" X 21 X 3. Thick and wide. Just the way I like em. I'm pretty stoked on the whole shaping process. It's a great way to get little toxic foam dust floating around the neighborhood and places like your hair, t-shirt neckhole, and nutsack. It's good times. It's fun to grind away at some foam and end up with something rad. Like back when I lived in Idaho. Snowblowers were the shit. You destroy a pile of snow by depositing it over the fence in the neighbor's yard. That's what I did with a pile of foam. It's relatively cheap, except for the glassing. I didn't glass this thing, so I had to fork out a sphincter-puckering $220 for that. OUCH, that stung! Next time I may have to add "glasser" to my resume. All together, since I had some of the tools already, it cost me a little over $300. I can't wait to ride this fat pig. And I can't wait to shape another one once I find out what I screwed up on this one.

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