Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seal Beach to San Diego

It's 4:30, I just finished loading the delivery van for this week's trip, and I could really use some Gold Bond. It's a muggy one out there. This delivery run is gonna be a big one. Lots of stuff and many stops. Mid summer, and it looks like everybody needs a little somethin somethin. So if you're on the road between Seal Beach and San Diego tomorrow and friday, and you see this van, I pre-apologize for cutting you off, tailgating, breathing down your neck, swerving around you, and/or throwing cans of Red Bull at you. You've gotta understand that I'm on a time schedule. I need to be on the 405 North by noon on friday if i hope to surf Malibu for several hours on company time. A stoney wrongboard sesh is calling my name.


  1. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! a STONEY wrongboard sesh?! EL JEFE is smoking the hippy lettuce?! WTF!!!

    and why did WE never burn together?!

    :'( <----(tear)

  2. batwings are sweet....

  3. Stop by Sano Friday afternoon and I'll have a road soda for ya.