Friday, August 21, 2009

Sticker shock

Holy fuck, man. Road bikes cost a testicle or two these days. As I gear up for my Death Climb 09, I've taken a long hard look at my current bike and realized it's old and beaten. Like Tina Turner. So I've been cruizin around the innerwebs looking at upgrading. My frame is titanium, it'll be around after the Nuclear Winter. But it's tired and it could drop a few pounds. The first idea was to get a new Dura Ace grouppo for the old Litespeed. But I don't really wanna spend $4000 on parts. That's just putting lipstick on a pig. So then I started looking at buying retail and shit my pantalones. I like to get the best when it comes to bikes and shred gear, but HOLY FUCKIN recession man. 10 Fucking grand for 13.90 lbs of carbon fiber? What asshole pays these prices? And are you hiring? I step out of the bike world for a few years and what happened? Even if I get some sort of deal on a Dura Ace 7900 equipped super ride, it's still gonna cost me $5K. There's a Giant for $13,900. There's a Colnago that's $6500 for the frame, fork, headset, and you receive a free anal raping. And the bargain of the day is a Time frameset that's on sale for $3167. Whoopie! Looks like I gotta start whoring again to afford a new ride.

$1 to look at it
$2 to touch it
$3 to watch me touch it
$5 to touch it while I touch my toes
$6 to touch me while I touch your toes


  1. I'll take the $6 offer please.

  2. there's no way you're getting even halfway up that hill if you don't drop more than 4 G's.

  3. dunno man, you can still find deals on C-List. at least out here in Hawaii. old quality is still quality.

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  5. Sweet! I'm already looking at earning $6 the hard way. $6 equals roughly 2.3296 vertical feet.

  6. eBay. I got my last frame there. Total score!! Brand new for $300. Okay, so I ride a 49 cm and people can't even give bikes that small away. I'd still look there if I were you.