Monday, August 31, 2009

Scary Movie

Back to the hate....You're a fucking idiot if you always buy bottled water. We all have to do it once in a while. But if you buy it all the time, I fucking hate you on so many levels. First off....IT'S JUST MOTHER FUCKING TAP WATER YOU FUCKTARD. Good job being a sucker to marketing, you should start's cool and makes you look sophisticated, jackass. Number 2...BPA will kill you and make your genitals fall off. It's in plastic bottles. Especially don't drink out of the 5 gallon jugs from Nestle, Coke, or Pepsi. Check out the fat Spokesasshole's face at 3:56 when asked about BPA. And number 3...You're making the planet a festering butthole. I'm no smelly hippy, but every godamm beach in Mexico and Central America is littered with the shit. For fuck's sake already.

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