Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was diggin through the 2009-2010 Transworld Business Sourcebook today trying to find a backpack company so I can pro form some shit. I need to score a big ol backpack for all my Defcon emergency stuff. It's my new deal. Prepping for the big one. When Iran, North Korea, Mexico, or Somalia lobs some rusty old Commie nuke into downtown LA, I'll be ready to make a treefort in the hills above Rincon and re-populate the world along with Mila Jovovich. Food, water, wax, wine, and roofies is all I need. I'll have a mellow kit ready for when the shit hits the fan and I don't have time to dig through the garage for the tent and my stanky old boda bag that was filled with Julio & Julio 17 years ago for some stupid outdoor hippy festival.

Speaking of survival, how the fuck is Bitchboards and Ed Hardy Snow still around? They're listed in the sourcebook, so I'd assume they're going forward with their 09-10 products. They must be incredible to have next door at SIA. When you get sick of hearing your own voice, or the 12th can of RockStar finally breaks through the hangover barrier, you can look over and be happy you're not associated with with either of those assclowns. "Just because it's free doesn't mean you gotta wear it"....is a famous quote from a Pollish American friends of mine. Who the fuck pays money for this shit? Besides filthy rich, OC/LA douchbags, driving gold plated Benzos, of course. WHO?


  1. Dual tactical sidearm holsters over garters!!!!! Fuck that shit is hot. The wife's gonna love em.