Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Time Killers

Really boring day today around the office. We shipped a fuckload last week and yesterday. Great Britain and Indo will be full. Later this week, Japan gets some. But for now, nothing for me to do today. But I can't just leave. What's really lame is there's surf out there right now. Good surf. I could be dorking on waves right now. Or I could be on an epic bike ride. Or I could be tanning the grissle while taking a nap on some beach around here. I don't care. Anything other than in front of this cuntputer. Nope. I'm stuck at the desk, faking productivity. Here's what I've produced so far today....

"All hail Satan,
Yes, hail Satan"


  1. You've inspired me...


  2. Oh, hell yeah!!! Go Hammer! Go Hammer!! That is fucking hysterical!