Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ranch

I was a little under the weather all weekend, but that didn't stop me from surfing The Ranch. My buddy Duffy took me out there saturday and sunday. Saturday sucked ass. Duffy's a great guy, but he's gone homo or something. He only rides those stupid fucking stand up paddle boards. To make it worse, we surfed Bolito with 3 other stand up dorks. The waves were crappy and it got super inconsistent and windy. So saturday basically was a worst case scenario. Sunday was a lot better. We surfed glassy Johns Pond by ourselves for about hour before another stand up donkey paddled out. They're everywhere at The Ranch, like flys on shit. While the 4 of us surfed for another hour, some kid had gotten his buddies 2wd pickup burried axle deep in the sand and high centered. The tide was coming up, too. We all surfed and watch this dude dig away. The others eventually paddled in to help dig/pull out this retard. Not me. It's called tough love. Survival of the fittest. Plus, this is THE HOLLISTER RANCH. I only have a limited number of hours on The Ranch and I sure as hell ain't gonna spend them breathing exhaust and scooping tons of sand. So it was just me surfing alone for another 45 minutes. Dropping in late, turning under the lip, and sitting in shoulder/head high pockets. Till the guilt finally got to me and I went in to lend a hand. I have no pictures because as I was pulling off the wave in the shore break they yanked the rig out. Turns out they didn't need me. Awesome, my arms were cramping badly anyway.


  1. that asshat who got the truck buried in the sand was a friend of my friend noles... we walked back from a 8 hour session at perko's to have to dig it out. it was worth it though. unreal empty waves all day.

  2. the jetty and groyens were other-worldy, you missed it.

    p.s. those sup'rz are almost as gay as road bikers ;)

  3. Road biking is gay...and painful...and sweaty...and spandexy...and gay.

    I must see pics of Perko's.