Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The 2009 Warren Miller movie is in town tonight...WHOOPIE! I've been attending these things every year for about 25 years. First in Porkland, where Warren would get on stage and narrate the movie. Then Sun Valley, Idaho, where, in 1939, he lived in a teardrop trailer for the winter, shot rabbits to feed his face, and lived off ketchup soup and $39 the entire winter. Then in Seattle, and now Santa Barbara. Year after year, they seem to be getting shitier and shitier. Everything about the WM movies seem so stale and stuck in the 90's, before Teton Gravity, Mack Dawg, Robot Foot, Standard, etc, came along. It's mostly stupid 2 plankers, with a little snowshreddin thrown in. And usually, the shredding they include is boring as fuck. I hope they don't include some of the stupid aerial fags gettin all twisty and stuff. That shits gotta go the way of ballet skiing....dis-a-fuckin-pear. But attending the flicks is a habit. It just seems like the historic kickoff to ski season. Plus we don't get any of good shred movie premiers around here. So I'll plunk down the $20 and dream about traveling to giant mountains, with gnarly chutes, and endless fields and pillows of epic, fluffy pow. I'll start do math in my head to see if I can justify spending $6K on a weeklong heli trip to Alaska. It'll make me tear up a little when they say..."if you don't do it today, you'll be one year old when you do". I bought lottery tickets yesterday.


  1. I had a friend who got a snowboard part in a warren miller flick a few years back, total Northwest ripper Tim Carlson who kills it, they filmed with him at Alpental Backcountry for a week or something like that and got some sick footage, only to show the dumbest shots, and bails, and made him look like he didn't even know how to ride, total bullshit, Tim kills it.