Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where 2

So after dwelling on the past yesterday, it's time to look towards the future. Think futuristically. I need to plan my next vacation. March or April. I need a warm water surf vacation and I need to get away from my desk. The last few years, its always been Mexico. Several little towns north of Zihatenajo is where I've burned 100% of my sacred vaction time and long weekends. Honestly, I've got that shit wired. And now that my buddy is putting the finishing touches on his El Stabbin Cabana, I've got a free place to crash and an F150 to drive. It's all too easy and pretty cheap. No struggle. Not really an adventure. It feels like coming home and people down there know me. It feels like Southern California, only less Mexicans and more aging Parrot Heads and Stand Up Paddle Dorks. Which is why I may have to switch it up this year. Some place new to me. But in April? I'm not much of a boozer or partier these days, so I don't need night life. Maybe a mellow coldie or two at some bar with a sand floor and I'm good to go. Where should I go to focus on surfing and sleeping? Bali, too early? Peru, too early, too cold? Pavones? Sumatra? Oz? I'm thinking warm water, good swell in April, relatively budget, and mellow crowds for 3 weeks of decompression. That's all.


  1. got some thoughts on this subject... words man, words

  2. im guessing you're goofy...
    bali's on my radar. from what i've heard, late spring/early summer is good. swell's starting to hit but the crowds haven't showed up yet.

  3. Been to El Salvador. It was good and REALLY SKETCHY. Saw my first crackhead, transvesite, hooker, that had been beaten up and was completely disheveled.

    Bybs...watcha thinking?

    Drex..I hear Bali in April is still a couple months away from prime time.

  4. wtf... leave this landmass.

    morocco. kenya. sri lanka. india. phillipines. indonesia. australllllia.

  5. Out of the mouthes of babes, Morgan. Straylya is leading the field. Indo a close second. Forgot about Morocco.