Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The McShit is back

I was drivin around LA, MAlibu and The Valley delivering orders yesterday listening to Mark & Brian on the radio. Funny shit. They were talking about the McRib. Saying it was strange that it keeping coming then going, appearing, then disappearing. They said it was some kind of cult thing. People get stoked when it's back. People were calling saying they were heavenly. So I had to try one of these fuckers, stat! $2.69 later I had one of these piles of shit resting on my lap. I pulled over along Washington Blvd in Marina Del Rey to really get down with myself. It was like opening the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark. GLORIOUS! BEHOLD! It's beautiful. First thing was the BBQ sauce. It was really fucking good. Probably full of hormones, MSG, and really bad shit. Next was the meat like patty of death. The shape of that thing was very wrong. It was like the mcnuggets that come in 3 distinct shapes every time. It was shaped like Madagascar with a tumor on each end and 3 mountain ranges. The texture was like a silky, crinkle cut Salsbury Steak that tasted like a mystery meat product. Not really rib like, yet not very burgery. It was good, It went down great and I could've shoved a couple more in the piehole, but I already felt dirty and cancerous. My gut was already asking "what the fuck?" And I continued to feel like ass the rest of the day. I doubt I will ever need one again. You should try one.


  1. Mmmm, the McRib. "Hey dude, you uhhh, wanna get out of the water and uhhhh, you know uhhh get us a McRib? I'm kinda hungry." Bildo future quote.

  2. I've always thought the same thing.

    "The McRib is back."

    "Who the fuck missed it?"

  3. I got a sub for you Mein Fuhrer. McKraut-Dog!! You'll smell that on your mustache for a month.