Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 down-21 to go

Second night of urban camping in the Airstream was as rad as the first. 9 hours of solid sleep in a toasty warm, quiet, man-cave shaped like a Coors Light Silver Bullet. Actually, it's not really camping at all. But since I'm wedged between 2 hedges, a couple big water tanks, and a yard debris trailer, on a large estate in Summerland, it feels like camping. Only no fire pit, midgets, or strippers. My mission is to slip in after dark and leave before the people wake up and notice a random car parked. Keeping the lights low and the noise down. Shower at the gym and just come back for sleeping purposes. If they notice, no big deal. I'll fire up the truck and drag the mobile condo down to the beach and live at Faria. It's just easier and free this way. Oy!


  1. deeluxe. get one of those army camo netting deals to tarp over the wagon and debris cart; they'll never know kato's lurking...

  2. So fucking rad. An airstream and to not have to work is all I want out of life. Your siking jefe!