Friday, December 4, 2009

Mexico 2010

December's so rad. Next week I make the last 2 delivery runs of 2009. A few days on the road slapping high fives ain't so bad. Then a week of inventory bullshit followed by a mellow couple days before Christmas Vacation. This year I'm headin to God's Country....Sun Valley, Idaho. Nearly 2 weeks of catchin up with old friends while shooshin, eating, swillin, and chillin is in store for me. If I can find some other rallyers, I might hit up Jackson Hole and Soldier Mountain while I'm in the area. Then once I get back, the 2010 Paid Vacation fund gets a full refill. Next thing you know, it's Mexico in March. And all along we've got El Nino throwing storms at us every few days. Here's Bye Bye Bybee and I waiting for the rig at some Mexi Jiffy lube. Just days before the Pig Flu explosion and we're lurking directly in the hot zone. Maybe next year I won't come back.


  1. damn it was hot in there... and how sick was hommies baby-blue bug gettin the full detail. mmm, swine-flu and marlboro's, can't wait to get back