Thursday, December 3, 2009

half & half

So the Warren Miller Dynasty flick wasn't so bad. Nothing great. It didn't piss me off, so that's good. But it was once again, predictable. The editing nearly pissed me off, by just barely escapes my wrath this time. Usually they go real slo-mo and show one turn or don't show the landing. This time they had a few full runs mixed in with lots of short clips. Many classic fottage from the 40's & 50's and shit. Lots of skiers wigglin, but very little shreddin. Probably a 95/5 ratio, shred to wiggle. The shred shown was decent, but by no means epic. It's as if WM wants to continue with the 1993 era that all about baggy, rave style pants, wide stances, and angry shooshers. Also, I wanna strangle that little 9 year old rat that rides for Burton. She already needs to get punched. Hard. Overall, I give it a 5 out of 10 mainly for it's big mountains, production quality, and pow shots. I also liked the basic story lines. They're only skiers, so nothing deep except for the China bit. It's just dudes riding shit, living a great life, having fun.

Speaking of fun, I haven't said it lately, but day jobs SUCK BIG HAIRY DONG. It's the antitheseis of living a great life and having fun. That's basically what kept going through my mind during the flim. Every asshole who's ever lived in a ski town then went back to the real world has said..."they were the best years of my life". Fuck that. I don't understand why the best years have to end while your still living. Fuck. I may have fallen into that trap, kind of. I'm borderline real-world job guy. Hopefully next year I'll finally grow some balls and create a way to shred the hils for 6 months and the tropics the other 6, like I've always wanted. And still make some dinero. I've got the mountain job dialed in. Now I just need the Indo gig. Maybe I found a New Years resolution for once.


  1. Jeff- Like I have told you before, I am right there with you, strapped to a desk, and wish I could still live the dream. If you figure out how to do it, let me know!!, ya can't live without cash, and the only way to make cash is to work, and working takes up SO Much time its hard to live it up, travel, explore, have fun. BUT, I am thankful that I work in a industry that I do have some interest in if I have to be strapped to a desk. MEGA BUCKS is the only way out I know so far????

  2. I hear ya bud. I obviously don't have the answer just yet, but I ain't giving up. Ever. The difference is that I'm not settling for a life of 1 bagel, 1 slice of cheese, 1 can of tuna, 1 apple, and sometimes 2 cookies. I'd rather be broke as fuck, but experience awesome shit everywhere, all the time.