Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super Hefe 2010

New Hefe goals for 2010. In no particular order...

Get completely healthy and stop my body from constant little stupid annoying breakdown injuries that only non-athletes should get.

Talk to any female.

Quit being a such a fag and dawn patrol when there's surf.

Use more colon cleanse.

Gain control of my career once again by either quitting my job and making my own future, dropping out and moving back to Idaho for a lifestyle filled with shooshing and spandex wearing, or making my boss realize I'm not retard.

Quit eating sugar for 3 months and see how the body reacts. Not candy type sugar, but more like the Chai latte, sugary teryaki sauce, etc kind of hidden sugars.

Getting a stable place to live and have a homebase to dominate.

Living without cable TV for as long as possible. It's been great reading shit and learning. My brain was mush but it's helping me focus for long periods of time.

Commit to the gym 6 days a week, every week. Become more jockish and don't be a pussy and bail when I feel tired.

Get on the bike a shit ton this summer and climb Gibralter at least once a month.

DO NOT GIVE ANY OPINIONS AT WORK. They don't care. Spend my time work on my career away from the office.

Learn more Espanol.

Leave this continent.


  1. i crap you not, there was a dude in the room today wearing "S" briefs w/ a waistband that said "Man of Steel" (yeah I was checkin them out)... you need these. But then again, you're a bit more furious than the man of steel... hmm, what's more fitting?

  2. Tonto??? Greg is this you? Did you start a blog? These have been your goals Greg or Tony or Antonio or New Greg...the past 12 years. Good luck Greg.

  3. Mi amigo Greg es no aqui, mi otro amigo con ariz grande.

  4. Buena suerte Hefe, pero no dormir con midgets?