Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alta, Mad River Glen, & Brooklyn

Hot off the webs via the good folks at Boardistan. It's 2010, Obama's leading the free world, yet the Man is still keepin the Brotha down. This so fucked up. It's all fun in the snow. Lots of high fives, and smiles all around. Then at 2:35 it all goes bad when 3 doughy, white park rangers declare "gimmie back my garbage can" and NO shredding in Brooklyn. I woulda thwapped them upside the head with my plastic shovel in violent protest. This shits racist as Avatar. They wouldn't pull that weak crap in Woodlawn. Where's the Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Nancy Grace? Alert Keir Dillon and Russell Winfield. Somebody call Mayor Bloomberg. Let's get a good old-fashioned burnin and lootin party started. We freed Taos in '09, now let's take back Brooklyn. Help us Jay-Z, you're our only hope.

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