Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clean up the messerschmidt

The howling wind and pummeling rain equals blown out surf. Victory at sea like i've seldom seen out there. Might get some clearing in the next couple days but I dunno. After my MRSA battles last fall, I'm a little nervous to get back in the water right away even if it was surfable right now. Might go shred some gnar over the weekend. All this downtime this week has given me plenty of time to work on El Hefe Nuevo. I've been pumping iron, climbed back into the Speedo after a couple years outta the pool, beating up inanimate shit in martial arts, get stretchy via yoga, and dominating the personal trainer dude's gnarly workout plan. My temple is making progress. Next up is practicing some tape measure tricks and building Messerschmidts to kill some time.


  1. You're doin better than I am- I gained a solid 20 lbs after my surgeries and all this rain.

  2. You're just bulkin up cuz your pants ain't regulation tightenss for Brosta Mesa.