Monday, January 18, 2010

Same as it ever was

Things seen at Surf Expo 2010...
-SUP is like spreading like AIDS
-Big C is now Fighting Shape C
-I'm able to sleep after 2 coffees, a Pepsi, and 4 Monster Energy drink
-Olive Garden is fuckin delicious
-Broken indoor fire sprinklers can douche a 6-booth radius really fast
-The PT Cruizer is a shitbox
-Rainbox Fins has some rad "stained glass" fins
-Volcom has jumped the shark
-Even in a bad economy, there's a lot of opportunity out there
-I'm diggin some of the new...Lost shapes
-I'd also like to test spin a Rusty Dwart
-At least 75% less ass-clowns seen begging for stickers and free shit
-Florida is the Downs Syndrome of states
-Trade Show chicks are just strippers who don't reveal the good bits
-Guys who are over 40 and ask for a sticker are weird
-Good waves always hit while we're in Orlando
-Surf retail is hanging tough

No vid for 2010, but here's what it was like in '09....


  1. funny

    check: and

  2. im diggin the look of that dwart myself.

  3. hahah great post!! Mallory was pretty impressive. glad your back!! you didn't miss much!

  4. Oh, Gilda. Thanks for trying to hide the epicness we missed. Reports came in about an all-time thursday and friday.