Saturday, January 23, 2010

No sleep till dead

I'm racing to cram in a week's worth of EXTREME into 2 days, weekend warrior style. Currently there's no Misses Recluse. And it looks like there's no chicks lining up to rub themselves against me in the near future. That leaves me with plenty of time to myself. So it's surf and shred all weekend. The plan is to get a full day of muddy, crap-water barrels around Santa Barbara. There's a ridiculous amount of waves out there and I need all of them. I haven't been in the water for a week and half due to trade shows and biblical amounts of wind and rain. So I'm a little frothy. I'm seriously out there all fvcking day till my arms fall off. Then, it's time to grab the Hooger Booger and head to Mt Waterman International Ski resort. Kinda sketchy up there with the muslildes and shit. The road may be closed, but it looks like they'll open the highway. It's only open on saturdays and sundays. There's a shit ton of snow up there and it might even be opening day of their season. So it could be all time. I'll throw the gear into the BangBaru and lezmobile my way to the mountains above Los Angeles. To be honest, it's been a couple years off snow. And then it was a couple year off snow before that. In the last 6 years I've managed roughly 25 days on piste. And some of those barely count. I'm not sure how much gnar I can handle these days. My back and legs will need some refractory time between each run. Thank god for slow-ass, jenky old double chairs. So let's say I shoosh all over the mountain from 9am-1ish, than gets me back to the ocean around 3ish. Are you thinking what I'm thinking...time for hookers and blow? No you loser! I was thinking shred and surf in the same day. What?! Never done it, might as well give it a shot. Schedule are all subject to change. If the surf is epic manana, no reason to vamos.

Here's what I saw at friday's lunchtime driveby...


  1. Good old fashioned cromagnum rockers Early Man bashing your skull from the get go. The song's "Closing In"