Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free To A good Home

The time has come to part ways with the tresured Portland Trailblazers Lazy Boy. It'll cradle your back, soothe your sores, and warm your cockles. I've slept off many hangovers in her softness. It's great for extended TV sessions after surf or shred. Tonto, you know Jew Lee has always wanted one. My new apartment is way too tiny for all of my shit, so I'll give this baby away for free. I'll also throw in a large Trailblazers long sleeve shirt that looks like an Affliction Tee which I recived as a Christmas present. If you're in Santa Barbara, I have a lot more household crap that's gotta go this week. Like a dart board, car stereo, a blanket, jackets, and shit. Whatcha need?

1 comment:

  1. i'm guessing there's gonna be a long line of Santa Barbarians frothing at the mouth for this hanover-ooze soaked Oregonian sloth station... maybe you could get one of those hot little surf-chica's you've been lapping to pose in your add, you know "am I hot or not" style, up the ante a bit... who knows Bildo might drive down to take it off your hands, WAIT, no... he's Germany bound, nevermind.

    after sorting this out a bit... the most appropriate thing to do is to drag it down to your most recluse-specific beach spot, slam a half-rack of imported Rainiers (sub Tecate or PBR if need be), spark a Marb Red heater, get 10w30 Morty style and BURN THAT CHAIR... step back and zen out, maybe flex those new trained abs or even strike a yoga pose

    w3rk sucks, snowboardings ok, surf would be ideal

    par T

    p.s. nice work on the new nook, hope it's got more space than the trailer.