Thursday, January 7, 2010


It fucking amazes me how the updates on Kevin Pearce's condition have been nearly non-existent. It comes down to a Facebook Page with sporadic news posted from his bro. Does he have brain activity? Is he a veg? What? What? If The Flying Carrot Top had been the one who bashed his head, you'd see Anderson Cooper camped out at the University of Utah and Jake Burton rubbing his feet. But since he's not the #1 marketed face of US Snowboarding, all we get is some hack communications major from West Orlando Community College who hasn't cracked a sweat since her second place finish at 1996 All American Hot Eating Contest at Coney Island. Christine Brennan should stick to covering the magic of ice skating and tallying Tiger Woods' off-course victories. Chatty Kathys who have absolutely nothing to do with a sport except saying "I told you so" after-the-fact should shut their fat fucking pie-holes. She should continue to cover healthy sports for 9-year-old-bulimics like gymnastics. Where was Todd Richards when we needed his commentary? Finally, today we get some encouraging news from god knows who. I sure as hell didn't find it on the Target website. He's been upgraded from critical to serious. Still fucked, but less fucked. Good luck, mang. I hope this is one of those stories where Kid fucking rips/Kid gets injured/Kid makes miraculous comeback to win Olympic Gold 4 years later.

I'm too dumb to figure out the embedded code, so here's a link to the video with this stupid broad's opinions about stiffling sports dreams. DON'T LISTEN TO HER. She wants to bring it back to the days when the Olympics didn't have a women's marathon (1984) because chicks are too fragile. Plus the link's got a really good response from some shreddar. Stay the fuck away from shredding, you golf lovin goats.

Aha! Just found the embedded codes.

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