Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Casey Johnson

Is the newest Death Comes in Threes closed? Does Casey Johnson count? I dunno, but damm, the world is now a much uglier place when we lose such a hot chick. And she was a lezbo? Mmmmm, lesbians. Too bad she lezzed out with plastic slutty ol mushface herself, Tila Tequila. Wouldn't it be neat if she bumped donuts with Stacey Keibler instead. Or Hayden Panatierre. Or Marissa Miller.


  1. Willie Mitchell doesn't look as good in a swimsuit. Let's go with this chick (never heard of her do I need more teevee channels?)...

  2. I want to see her and Julie Tonto go at it down on the green couch pit while I sit and watch at Chonies bar. Can you make that happen?

  3. Yes, A-Man, the answer is YES. You need more channels.

    Damm Yo, if I could make that happen I wouldn't invite you.